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Coffee and Cartoons !

Meet Shankar, popularly known as Shankar Cartoonist, who not only is a Coffee/Tea and Snacks Vendor but also has an amazing hand in drawing Cartoons.

Shankar says tough Cartooning has been a childhood hobby, he officially started cartooning as a childhood hobby, he started cartooning officially around 16 years ago, and has participated in several exhibitions as well. His work has been featured in many magazines and his articles have been published in many prominent newspapers too.

Shankar can be found at his stall neat the Banashankari 2nd Stage BDA complex, just opposite to Pizza hut. Apart from managing the stall, Shankar also supplies Coffee and Tea around the nearby offices. All this and in the middle manages to draw cartoons in any possible spare time he gets while at work !

Do visit his stall once and he does oblige showing his works to anyone who seek to take a look into his artworks !

Here is wishing Shankar all the best for his future.

Shankar starts his works as early as 5.00 am and by the time he winds up work it's almost late into the evening. Yet he finds time to involve himself in bringing out cartoons with subjects varying from general cartoons, social awareness cartoons to current affairs and sometimes portraits of celebrities as well !

Here are some links to know more about Shankar and his works :

Facebook :Shankars Cartoonist Coffee Instagram : @shankarscoffee


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