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  • While taking the picture, make sure your shadow is not falling on the subject !

  • When clicking a picture of a subject who might be standing in front of a reflecting surface, example a mirror or a metallic surface where the photographer's reflection is visible, ensure after taking the pic, the image is cropped properly without altering the picture of the subject

  • Blurring the outline of the pic using any of the Tools like Snapseed will also help.

  • Two Second Rule - Before and after you take any picture, holding your device for 2 seconds without moving away from your subject will help in avoiding blur images and helps in getting sharper Image outputs.

Rule of Thirds
a) Enable  the Grid lines option in your mobile Camera.
b) While clicking the picture, position the mobile in such a
    way that the important components of the subject you           
    are clicking are along those lines.
    In other words, they are at the points where               
    the lines meet.

  • Use HDR option for evenly lit photos.

  •  Build a Story : Apart from taking the pic, write a couple of lines about the place, person or location to generate interest. A good caption will also work ! 


Here are some of my Mobile Pic collections 

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