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Bhoo Varaha Swamy Temple

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Situated on the Banks of River Hemavathi, at a quaint village Kallahalli, near Pandavapura, Bhoo Varaha Swamy Temple or Bhoo Varahanatha Temple is a nice place to visit, though most of the Temple premises construction is yet to be complete fully as on this year 2021.

The temples main deity is Varahaswamy with goddess Bhoodevi. Though history says that this temple is around 2500 years old, it is gaining prominence over the last few years after the temple made news on a local TV channel. Devotees throng here in large numbers and during the weekends the crowd from nearby Villages and in and around Mysore visit the temple.

The temples main visit is to seek blessings if an individual is buying a land, or constructing a house or anything related to real estate since the place is said to have a lot of significance in terms of blessings the devotees seek for a successful construction.

The devotees also get the bricks, sand that they would be using for construction to get it blessed from this deity. One can also purchase bricks that is sold at the premises.

After monsoons, the River Hemavathi is a treat to watch, but be aware there is no permission to enter into the water since the waters are said to be pretty deep.Visitors are also requested not to littler the premises.

The Temple also offers free Anna Prasadam, which is freshly and hygienically prepared and served in disposable plates. Visitors will have to have the Prasadam in a designated hall.

The temple is open from 9.00 am onwards. The nearest route is to take a deviation after Mandya or reach Srirangapatna and take a deviation towards Pandavarpura. There are directions to visit the place and one can get help from local residents as well.

The Roads are ok, better to carry food and water.

Overall this can be a good weekend visit and can be combined with other places of interest around Srirangapatna


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