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Gowdagere Sri Chamundeshwari Temple

World's Tallest Panchaloha Statue of Goddess Chamundeshwari

If you are a person who likes to explore new places and towns with historical significance, then you should check out this place - Gowdagere. Nestled within the Toy town of Karnataka - Chennapattana, this place is slowly gaining its prominence due to the divine powers this place is supposed to offer.

Location : Gowdagere is about 18 kms from Chennapattana main town. After reaching Chennapattana, one has to reach the junction of town Court( locals help with the directions since the place is well known). From the court circle junction, one has to take a right turn and follow the Road, upto 18 kms. There are indications mentioned to the Temple in terms of banners, so it is not that difficult to locate the place, but the last leg can be tricky since you might feel you are driving down a narrow road, right in the middle of an agricultural land !

The Panchaloha statue is set to be about 40 feet in length. There is a temple adjoining where you can get the blessings of Goddess Sri Chamundeshwari. The place can also be considered as a Village deity or a Grama Devathe, where the locals visit to seek blessings for seeking solutions to their problems. The temple also offers Anna Dasoha or Prasada for the visitors during specific timings.

Further details and information can be accessed in the temples official website

Overall, it can be a good short visit. Better to carry your own food and water. The Temple is also a Plastic free zone area.


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