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Markandeya Hill

Markandeya Betta (Hill) is about 70 kms from Bangalore and about 15 kms from Malur on the Malur-Kolar Road.. It is approx. 1400M a.s.l and once can reach the top of the hill either on road or by steps. The area offers amazing landscape surrounded by thick vegetation and ideal to visit from Aug to Jan, before Summer. It offers a cool and serene atmosphere, well away from the city grind.

The temple is named after Sage Markandeya, who is believed to have been saved from Yama, by Lord Shiva, in this very place. It is believed that the cracks on the Shiva linga from which Lord Shiva emerged to save Markandeya is visible even today. But the archaka maintained that this is no longer visible since renovation done to the temple.

The temples gopuram has been constructed around the year 1988. The Temple also has a fair bit of smaller temples in its vicinity like Lord Ganesha, Subramanya with Valli, Parvathi Devi and other gods/goddesses. Ideally one is advised to carry food since there are no good hotels nearby.

The vast landscape provides an ideal weekend getaway, where one can spend some relaxing time. But please carry paper carry bags and put in back your consumed food packets, so that we do not dirty the surroundings !

The temple opens around 10.30 am. Other Prominent places around : Chikkatirupathi where one can get the darshan of Prasanna Venkateshwara Swamy.

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